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Hustler Mode Matchstick Brushes


Hustler Mode Matchstick Brush Set

A six piece matchstick-inspired eye brush set for any eye look!

Fun facts about Hustler Mode Matchstick Brush Set

  1. High Performance. Quality synthetic fiber bristles, no scratchy feeling or discomfort
  2. Hustler-Friendly. Just slide it back in the matchstick-nspred box and be on your way ASAP ( you're busy so why not have brushes that match your lifestyle?)
  3. Aesthetic AF & Motivational. A constant reminder that hustling hard is always pretty. Complete with gold confetti and floating "Hustler" text.
  4. Long-lasting. You have better investments to make so why waste it on brushes you'll have to replace in a few months? This set is reliable and here for the long haul!

Her DNA 

Synthetic fibers

How To Use Her

For use on the eye lids only.

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